• Mission

    The Alliance Pharmacy is dedicated to generating funds for other charitable organizations that assist individuals in managing their care of chronic diseases and that do research to find cures for chronic diseases; to assist individuals with chronic diseases and their families with managing their medical care; to provide medication to chronically ill individuals at no or reduced cost to them; and to engage in activities to raise or solicit funds, grants and/or gifts in furtherance of the Corporation’s fundraising and education activities in support of charitable purposes.

    The first non-profit bleeding disorder organization of its kind, created by people who live with it…

    The Alliance Pharmacy helps both the individual and the bleeding disorder community-at-large in ways no other organization can.

Our History

The Alliance Pharmacy was founded in May 2000 as a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization by two gentlemen with Hemophilia who understood the unique needs of community members and shared the desire to provide support to other charitable organizations that assist patients with chronic diseases. The pharmacy, licensed in all 50 states, can provide prescription medications, including factor products to 100% of the US population.

The volunteer board of The Alliance Pharmacy consists of pharmacists currently engaged with HTCs and other individuals with extensive involvement with the hemophilia community. Together the staff and board have over 175 years of experience in the bleeding disorders community. The Alliance Pharmacy is also affiliate member of the Hemophilia Alliance offering services such as administration of patient assistance programs, wholesale distribution, and administration of manufacturer trial drug programs.

Our Goal

The Alliance Pharmacy will play a vital role in partnering with the treating physician, the family, and the health plan to manage therapy, supply pharmaceuticals, provide support to patients and families, and coordinate insurance coverage.

The Alliance Pharmacy will work closely with the clinical care team to ensure the best health outcomes, which minimizes costly hospitalizations, through appropriate dosing, improved adherence, and timely interventions.

Currently, The Alliance Pharmacy works with Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs) nationwide to coordinate care by consulting with the clinical care team. TAP provides transparency to the clinical team so the treatment program is constantly monitored and can be adjusted to meet the patient’s needs.