Joe Pugliese

Joe Pugliese


Joe Pugliese has been involved in the hemophilia community for the last 40 years. He started in 1978 as a sales representative in Chicago with the Armour Pharmaceutical Company. He held a variety of positions over the years including General Manager of Hemophilia Business Unit, and Vice President and General Manager of North America for Aventis Behring (successor company of Armour).

He joined Amerisource Bergen Specialty Group as President of the Specialty Pharmacy business in 2004, and departed in 2005 to pursue other interests in the hemophilia community. He signed on as a consultant to the Hemophilia Alliance to start their group purchasing organization in 2006 and was named the President of the Hemophilia Alliance in 2008. The organization has grown from 38 members in 2007 to 100 members today. Joe is looking forward to seeing this organization deliver its goal of achieving operational excellence in providing services for the hemophilia community.

Joe became Chairman of The Alliance Pharmacy in late 2010. The pharmacy, a 501c 3, is licensed as a pharmacy in all 50 states, has received ACHC accreditation, and has received its VAWD accreditation. The pharmacy manages a number of very successful trial programs for sophisticated pharmaceutical products like subcutaneous immune globulin and alpha one antitrypsin. Joe stepped down as Chair in 2017, but remains a very active Director.

Joe has been married to Karen for 44 years. They have five children, two daughter-in-laws, two son-in-laws and ten grandchildren.